[EN] Technology forecasting via 14 TRIZ-driven trends

27 Oct 2016
12:45 - 14:15
Room 113

[EN] Technology forecasting via 14 TRIZ-driven trends

The existence of Laws of Technical Systems’ evolution is justified. A very concise treatment of all the eight laws is followed by fourteen TRIZ-driven trends. Following one or two of the rightly applicable trends is generally enough to innovate a generic/specific product/process. These trends are Dynamization, Surface Segmentation, Addition of new substances, Introduction of modified substances, Rhythm coordination, Geometrical evolution of linear constructions, Geometrical evolution of volumetric constructions, Segmentation of substances & objects, Coordination of actions, From mono to bi to poly systems – similar objects, From mono to bi to poly systems – different objects, Segmentation of space, Controllability & finally Trimming. Case studies from crystal substrate to space technology to construction engineering are offered compelling belief that innovation can be structured for faster, superior results!

Learning Points:

  • Understanding the structured nature of innovation in industry.
  • Compact but exact treatment of all the eight laws of technical systems’ evolution.
  • Fourteen trends driven by TRIZ exhibited in evolution of all technical systems. Identification and detailed application of all these trends using carefully arranged case studies (in order of complexity).
  • Use of right set of these trends in innovating/upgrading an existing product/process. For example, to design & manufacture a next generation crane (for construction sites), the dynamization trend gives answer. Why not inspire the machine (crane) from bird (Siberian crane)? The crane (machine) may then just be capable of picking and lifting gravel from hidden, inaccessible spots. After all a crane (bird) has a highly flexible neck that enables it to gather food from curiously invisible locations.