Paper Presentations – session 5 (3 Tracks)

26 Oct 2016
Room 10D/10B/114

Paper Presentations – session 5 (3 Tracks)

Design for change: disaggregation of functions in system architecture by TRIZ-based design

Sebastian Koziolek

Logic of the contradictions in TRIZ methodology: philosophical background and development prospects

Dmitriy Bakhturin, Anna Elashkina, Alexander Nechiporenko

Applying TRIZ and Lean Tools for Improving Development Processes. A Case Study from Industry: Improving the Testing Process for SW and HW-related Products

Martin KieselJens Hammer

TRIZ-based analysis of the rail industry problem of low adhesion

John Cooke

Roadmapping the Disruptive Innovation Technologies Based on CV of Resource

Jianguang Sun, Yu Wang, Lizhen Jia, Runhua Tan

Towards Experience Capitalization for Inventive Problem Solving


Development of creative education materials for students at middle and high school using design thinking process with simplified TRIZ

Kyeongwon LEE

Statistical use of the TRIZ contradiction matrix, experimentation on a ball bearing technical issue

Elie Aupetitgendre, Laurent Varnoux, Nicolas Maranzana