Paper Presentations – session 3 (3 Tracks)

25 Oct 2016
Room 10D/10B/114

Paper Presentations – session 3 (3 Tracks)

TRIZ and turbojet engine innovation


Towards an expansion of TRIZ methods into the strategy creation space

Michael Ohler, Philip Samuel, Naresh Shahani, Derek Benningto

The Application of TRIZ to exclude Product Failures caused by unintended Operation Errors

Juergen Hess

TRIZ-based approach for process intensification and problem solving in process engineering: concepts and research agenda

Didier Casner, Pavel Livotov, Mas’udah Mas’udah, Patricia Kely da Silva

Combining TRIZ and open innovation, a new promising perspective for enhancing corporate innovation processes

Masih Hanifi, Remy HOUSSIN, Denis Cavallucci, Simon Fuhlhaber

TRIZ to support creation of innovative shared value business initiatives

Stelian Brad

Method of time-dependent TRIZ function ranking

Nikolai Efimov-Soini, Leonid Chechurin, Ivan Renev, Kalle Elfvengren

R&D in Poland – is the country close to a knowledge-driven economy?

Dorota Chybowska, Leszek Chybowski

A Praxeological Model of Creative Actions in the Field of Mechanical Engineering

Maksymilian Leszek Smolnik