Paper Presentations – session 2 (3 Tracks)

25 Oct 2016
Room 10D/10B/114

Paper Presentations – session 2 (3 Tracks)

Cause-Effect Chains Analysis using Boolean algebra

Jerzy Chrząszcz, Piotr Salata

Why TRIZ Popularity is Declining

Sergey Sobolev, Oleg Abramov

Structured activation of vertex entropy (SAVE): another way around creative problem solving for non-technical applications

Stelian Brad

Idea Generation with Substance-Field Analysis: the Influence of Prior Knowledge and Practical Experience

Iouri Belski, Anne Skiadopoulos, Guillermo Aranda-Mena, Gaetano Cascini, Davide Russo

Lessons for TRIZ from Design Thinking & Lean 3P

Michał Hałas

How to Generate Simple Model Solutions Systematically from Function Analysis Diagram

Min-Gyu Lee

A long-term strategy to spread TRIZ in SMEs. Analysis of Bergamo’s experience

Davide Russo, Daniele Regazzoni, Caterina Rizzi

What a well-trained TRIZ user can learn from other design methodologies: an initial speculation

Leonid Chechurin, Mika Lohtander, Yuri Borgianni

Conceptual framework for marketing communication management with a qualitative and system-oriented approach

Joanna Kijewska, Marek Goliński

TRIZ and innovation of pressing

Bohuslav BUSOV, Vladimír DOSTÁL, Milada BARTLOVÁ

Problem definition and identification of contradictions in the interdisciplinary areas of mechatronic engineering

Didier Casner, Rémy Houssin, Pavel Livotov, Jean Renaud

Indexing and Mapping Examples of Heuristics Compiled from TRIZ

Marco Aurélio de Carvalho, Emanuela Lima Silveira