Paper Presentations – session 1 (3 Tracks)

24 Oct 2016
Room 10D/113/114

Paper Presentations – session 1 (3 Tracks)

A Brief Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (BTIPS)-an Approach in Teaching, Learning and Practice

Zbigniew Marian Bzymek

Developing Growth Portfolio with TRIZ Structures

Michael Ohler, Philip Samuel, Naresh Shahani, Derek Bennington, Riaan Britts

Aspects of teaching TRIZ

Christoph Dobrusskin

Optimizing motor performance by using TRIZ methodology

Matej Hohnjec, Dušan Gošnik, David Koblar

TRIZ potential for IT projects

Monika Woźniak

Heuristic problems in automation and control design: what can be learnt from TRIZ?

Leonid Chechurin, Viktor Berdonosov, Leonid Yakovis

Trend of Increased Addressing of Human Senses – Near Field Senses –

Oliver Mayer

Defining an Original Lubrication Problem through Systematic Innovation Tools

Renan Favarão da Silva, Marco Aurélio de Carvalho

A proposal for automation of conceptual design stage in Architecture-Engineering-Construction (AEC) projects

Ivan A. Renev

Mobile biogas station design – the TRIZ approach

Mariusz Ptak, Sebastian Koziołek, Damian Derlukiewicz, Marek Mysior, Mateusz Słupiński

Opportunities for integrating TRIZ and systematic innovation tools into large scale Agile software development

Teemu Toivonen

Tech-Finder: a Dynamic Pointer to Effects

Davide Russo, Tiziano Montecchi, Antonio Caputi

Adaptive Problem Sensing and Solving Model (APSS-Model) inspired by the Cynefin Framework and its application to TRIZ

Alexander Czinki, Claudia Hentschel

Identification of laws of engineering systems evolution in mobile phones evolution. Could it be that something has gone wrong?

Kai Hiltmann, Nara Udumyan