Paper Presentations – session 4 (2 Tracks)

25 Oct 2016
Room 10D/10B

Paper Presentations – session 4 (2 Tracks)

Can TRIZ functional analysis improve FMEA

Christian Spreafico, Davide Russo

Enhancing Patent Portfolio Using TRIZ Workshops

Frank Zeihsel, Christian M. Thurnes, Jan Schulze

Product development using heuristic-systematic approach: a case study

Bartosz Pryda, Marek Mysior

TRIZ/CrePS approach to the social problems of poverty: ‘Liberty vs. Love’ is found the Principal Contradiction of the Human Culture

Toru Nakagawa

Effective Design Approach with Inventive Principles to Reputational Damage Risk on the Internet

Manabu Sawaguchi, Satoru Utsugi

Is Poland an innovative country?

Dorota Chybowska, Leszek Marek Chybowski