[EN] Agile + Waterfall – two powers of project management

27 Oct 2016
Room 114

[EN] Agile + Waterfall – two powers of project management

This workshop is about a combination of Agile plus Waterfall approaches for new processes: design, implementation and optimization. There are 2 interactive games (a competition between teams). Both games are tailored to emphasize on which fields agile and waterfall approaches work best plus you can learn a lot what is the natural process of team building in a short time. Hence use your smartness, maximize focus on a well-specified result following and iterative way and take an advantage from a synergy effect of your team!

Benefits for participants:

  • Practical/theoretical understanding of a difference between Agile and Waterfall approaches to apply in your environment
  • 2+2=5: learning from a synergy effect and typical team building process break down
  • Check your Agility (in both physical and logical aspects)!