TRIZ Future Conference 2016

Systematic innovation and creativity

The 16th International Conference of the European TRIZ Association

24-27 October/ Wrocław

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What is TFC2016?

It is a sixteenth conference regarding TRIZ (Eng. TIPS –Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) methodology initiated by ETRIA (European TRIZ Association). This year the conference takes place in Wroclaw, Poland.

The conference aims at linking industrial companies, research centres, educational organizations and individuals to share their experience on systematic inventive processes and to promote TRIZ diffusion worldwide. It will provide an international forum for exchanging new ideas on TRIZ and knowledge-based innovation, presenting recent achievements by the TRIZ community and enabling further advances and collaboration between industry and academia.

TFC2016 will provide an international forum for:

  • Exchanging new ideas on knowledge-based innovation and TRIZ
  • Presenting recent research results
  • Stimulating further advances and collaboration within the research
    community but also with various industrial partners


The European TRIZ Association (ETRIA) is an association based in Germany, founded in 2000. ETRIA considers itself an open community to unite the efforts, suggest opportunities for global standardization, conduct further research and development, and provide mechanisms for the exchange of information and knowledge on TRIZ and TRIZ-based innovation technologies.

ETRIA has the following goals:

  • Research and development of innovation knowledge by integrating conceptual approaches to classification developed by artificial intelligence (AI) and knowledge management communities;
  • International observation, analysis, evaluation and reporting of progress in these directions;
  • Promotion and exchange of information and experience between scientists and practitioners in TRIZ, universities and other educational organizations;
  • Development of TRIZ through contributions from dedicated experts and specialists in particular areas of expertise.

Keynote speakers


Wrocław University of Science and Technology
Janiszewskiego St. 8, 50-372 Wrocław, Poland

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About Wrocław

Wrocław is the largest city in western Poland. This vibrant and fast-paced growing city definitely earned its title of a European Capital of Culture in 2016. Its greatest asset is the large number people of educated and experienced people. One of the best universities and other higher education institutions in Poland are located here, educating over 140 000 students. In recent years Wroclaw has become the largest research and development region in Poland with constantly growing number of dedicated R&D centers. Over 18 companies with R&D division, presence of 5 independent R&D centers with the leading Wroclaw Research Center EIT+, vast research potential of the Wroclaw University of Technology as well as close cooperation with the research centers all over the world create a base for the advanced research and innovation development.

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